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B Freelon, Y S Liu, Y Liu, C R Rotundu, S D Wilson, J H Guo, J Chen, W Yang, C L Chang, P A Glans, P M Shirage, A Iyo, and R J Birgeneau. Electronic structure of PrFeAsO1-d: An investigation using X-ray absorption and emission spectroscopy. Journal of Physics: Conference Series, 273, p. 012092, 2011.

Abstract: Soft X-ray absorption and emission spectroscopy was used to determine the
electronic density of states of oxygen vacated PrFeAsO. The measured oxygen and iron spectra are in good agreement with mean field theory and local density approximations. Iron-arsenic
hybridized spectral features reveal that Fe-As bonding is involved in the process of electron
addition near the Fermi-level. X-ray emission and absorption spectra shows an increase in the Fe density of states at the Fermi-level as the doping decreases. This doping dependent electronic behavior indicates the possibility of a magnetic instability in the undoped compound.

Keywords: PrFeAsO


Posted by Costel R Rotundu


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