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321. Pojoga LH. Polymorphysms of the aldosterone synthase gene in essential hypertension. A genetic and pharmacogenetic approach in relationship with arterial rigidity. 1997.
322. S. Popescu. Fulgerul globular. 1997.
323. Rusu Andrei. Cercetari functionale in logicile demonstrationale. 1997.
324. Liliana Veres. Implicarea Extrapulmonara in Sarcoidoza. . 1997.
325. M. Dima. Production Rates of Strange Vector Mesons at the Z0 Resonance. 1997.
326. Tudor Luchian. Gating modulating of a G-protein activated, inwardly rectifying potassium channel by a cytosolic peptide. 1997.
327. Cristian Dumitrescu. " Israel" in Prophetic Language. 1997.
328. Ovidiu Vaduvescu. Studiul unor fenomene dinamice in Sistemul Solar. 1997.
329. Toader, Dorin. Carbon-carbon bond-forming reactions: insertion, olefination and nucleophilic substitution of hydrogen in arenes. 1997.
330. Mihai Caragiu. Patterns, codes and quasi-randomness. 1996.
331. Iolanda-Gabriela Craifaleanu. Contributii la studiul raspunsului seismic inelastic al structurilor din beton armat. 1996.
332. G. Albeanu. Numerical and statistical analysis of some nonlinear models. 1996.
333. Achim A. . State recognition of RR spectra derived from high resolution Holter ECG using neural networks. Definition of subject-adapted parameter matrix. 1996.
334. Mihai Caragiu. Aplicatii ale corpurilor finite: distributia puterilor, semiplane finite, fizica aritmetica. 1995.
335. Hinescu Lavinia. Phthalocyanine Dyes. 1995.
336. Vicentiu Radulescu. Analysis of some problems related to the Ginzburg-Landau equation. 1995.
337. Romeo Iov. Servomotoreductors with reduced inertia. 1995.
338. Vicentiu Radulescu. Methods of Operator Theory in Nonlinear Analysis. 1993.
339. Nicolae George Dragulanescu. Tehnologii si echipamente electronice de putere pentru valorificarea unor resurse geologice/Power Electronics Technologies and Equipments for Geologic Resources Exploitation. 1991.
340. A. I. Suciu. Homotopy type invariants of four-dimensional knot complements. 1984.
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