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261. Paleu Viorel. Theoretical and Experimental Research on Hybrid Rolling Bearings Dynamics and Reliability (in Romanian), Cercetari teoretice si experimentale privind dinamica si fiabilitatea rulmentilor hibrizi. 2002.
262. Cristiana Sebu. Integral Equation Methods in Electrical Impedance Tomography. 2002.
263. Ferencz, László. Noi sulfonamide cu nucleu acridinic. Relatii structura-activitate in clasa sulfonamidelor. 2002.
264. Lucian Toma. Congestion management in the electric power systems. 2002.
265. Alex Dragomirescu. Practical Approach to Monitor Adsorption/Drying and Catalytic Activity On-line. 2002.
266. Radu Vasilache. Metode de detectie a radiatiilor nucleare. Detectori TL pentru doze mici. 2002.
267. Ioan Sturzu. Studii asupra evolutiei sistemelor clasice si cuantice. 2002.
268. Sorin V. Filip. Studies towards the stereoselective electrophilic amination of carbanions. 2002.
269. Trifu (Raducu) Maria Cristina. Transfert des nutriments dans le bassin du Danube et apports a la Mer Noire: Modelisation et bilans. 2002.
270. Flavius Stan. Post-Communist Romania: Democratic Laggard or Unacknowledged Success?" . 2002.
271. Sorin-Mihai Grad. Duality for entropy programming problems and applications in text classification. 2002.
272. Ionel Mugurel Ciobica. The Molecular Basis of the Fischer Tropsch Reaction. 2002.
273. Adascalitei, Adrian A. . Contributii la perfectionarea sistemelor moderne multi-media in procesul didactic de asimilare a cunostintelor din domeniul disciplinei de bazele electrotehnicii (Compatibilitate electromagnetica). 2001.
274. C. Klumpner. New Contributions to the Matrix Converter Technology. 2001.
275. Beatrice Ciuta. cercetator stiintific drd. 2001.
276. Adrian G. Radu. Dynamic stability of composite laminates including delamination. 2001.
277. Catalin Grigoras. Sistem Digital de Procesare a Semnalului Vocal. 2001.
278. Iulia Mirela CHIVU. Perfectionarea managementului resurselor umane in IMM din Romania. 2001.
279. chivu, iulia mirela. Perfectionarea managementului resurselor umane in IMM din Romania. 2001.
280. chivu, iulia mirela. Perfectionarea managementului resurselor umane in IMM din Romania. 2001.
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