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221. Raluca TIRON. Quantum Tunneling of magnetisation in coupled molecular magnets. 2004.
222. Alina Hurubean. 1. Modele ale legitimarii puterii in modernitatea politica romaneasca . 2004.
223. Aniko Sandor. Perceptual Interactions of Duration with Pitch and Rate of Change in Pitch: Implications for Sonification. 2004.
224. Coman Gigi. Interactiunea colorantilor fungici cu sisteme disperse alimentare. 2004.
225. IONICA Gheorghe. Contribution Regarding Elaboration Of Integrated System For Structural Analysis. 2004.
226. Marius Dumitru. Aspecte meta-teoretice ale problematicii mediului reprezentational mental. 2004.
227. V. Popovici. Kernel--based Classifiers with Applications to Face Dectection. 2004.
228. Georgeta Sas. Identification de marqueurs autonomiques chez les patients hypertendus & agrave; risque de fibrillation auriculaire. 2004.
229. Mihaela Bratu. Viabilitatea si completitudinea unei piete financiare cu timp discret. 2004.
230. Liviu Vladutu. Computational Intelligence Methods on Biomedical Signal Analysis and Data Mining in Medical Records. 2004.
231. Cristian Spanu. Electrolytic In Process Dressing (ELID) Applied To Double Side Grinding of Ceramic Materials. 2004.
232. Maria Mihaita. Deviatii de comportament socio-etologic la canine de companie. 2004.
233. Ciprian Man. Characteristics of Information Technology Supported Work Systems: The human factor and teleworking' s impact, in the context of the virtualization of work processes. 2004.
234. Coman Gigi. Interactiunea colorantilor fungici cu sisteme disperse alimentare. 2004.
235. Eduard George Mindirigiu. " Crist' s presence in The Holy Sacrament" . 2004.
236. Ciobanu Luminita. Contributii la producerea si dezvoltarea tricoturilor cu aplicatii tehnicelor . 2003.
237. Saber Abd-Alalh. In vito Fertilization on Buffalo. 2003.
238. Cristian Presura. Energetics and ordering in strongly correlated oxides as seen in optics, Ph. D Thesis, University of Groningen, The Netherlands. 2003.
239. Hinescu Lavinia. Dye sensors. . 2003.
240. Remus Racolta. Weltesche und Eschewelten - altgermanische Mythologie in den alten Schriften. 2003.
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