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201. Iorga Bogdan. Mechanochemical coupling in skeletal myofibrils. 2004.
202. Ionut-Petre Munteanu. The image of Judas Iscariot in Origen’s writings. 2004.
203. Violeta Astratinei. Contributii la estimarea rolului comunitatilor de microorganisme in ecosistemele lotice poluate. 2004.
204. Dragos Mirsanu. The Politics of Otherness: Arianism and Orthodoxy in the Ostrogothic Kingdom and the Late Antique Mediterranean World (MA thesis, University of Nijmegen, the Netherlands). 2004.
205. Gelu M. Nita. Statistical study of solar radio bursts. 2004.
206. D. Cobzas. Image-Based Models with Applications in Mobile Robotics. 2004.
207. Adrian C Apetri. FOLDING OF THE PRION PROTEIN. 2004.
208. Sabin Buraga. The Multimedia Objects Manipulation Techniques on Internet. 2004.
209. Ersek, V. . Analyses of Common Elements and Oxides in the Paleosols of the Bahamas and of the Northern Mariana Islands. 2004.
210. Bauer R., Varga S., Zavrel M., Hekmat D. Anwendung eines segregierten Verzugszeitmodells zur Optimierung eines zweistufigen repeated-fed-batch Verfahrens zur mikrobiellen Wertstoffsynthese von Dihydroxyaceton. 2004.
211. Cristiana Sebu. Problemes Inverses dans la Physique Classique et Quantique. 2004.
212. Ioan Baca. Analiza morfologica comparativa a masivelor magmatice intrusive Tibles si Toroiaga. 2004.
213. Dr Ioan BALIN. Ph. D Thesis. 2004.
214. Claudiu Mesaros. Ontology of Time in Aristotle. 2004.
215. Vasile Iosub. Développement et optimisation d' une unité de stockage de l' hydrogè ne sur hydrures métalliques utilisée dans les systè mes stationnaires de piles à combustible. 2004.
216. Diana Calin. Implicatii ale unificarii monetare europene asupra Romaniei. 2004.
217. Diana Calin. Implications de l' unification monétaire européenne sur les pays candidats & agrave; l' adhésion : le cas de la Roumanie. 2004.
218. Filofteia-Laura Toma. Elaboration and Characterisation of TiO2 Based Materials for the Development of the Passive Treatments for Environment (Applications to Nitrogen Oxides), in French. 2004.
219. D. M. Popovici. Modelarea spatiului in universuri virtuale. 2004.
220. Adina Morozan. Contributions to development of the alternative energy sources: direct methanol fuel cells. 2004.
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