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181. Lucia Violeta Melnic. Contributions regarding the optimisation of the materials flow in enterprise. 2005.
182. Padure Ioana Marcela. Monography of Nepeta L. in Romania (in Romanian), PhD thesis. 2005.
183. Cristina Albu. Negotiations over Spatial Configuration in Contemporary Art Galleries and Museums. 2005.
184. Balaj Ovidiu-Petru. The Chemistry of Solvated Ions studied by FT-ICR Mass Spectrometry. 2005.
185. Victor Constantin Diculescu. Development and aplications of an electrochemical DNA biosensor. 2005.
186. Bogdan Baghiu. Logosul in filosofia stoicilor si in unele scrieri patristice. 2005.
187. Teodora-Liliana Radulescu. Methods in the Nonlinear Nonlinear Analysis for the Study of Boundary Value Problems. 2005.
188. Ioan Gabriel SANDU. Research concerning the obtaining and characterization of new materials involved in conservation and restoration of works of art. 2005.
189. Irina Mirea. The Unbearable Evanescence of Being. Reflections of the Love Life during Transiency. 2005.
190. Ovidiu Vaduvescu. Infrared Properties of Star Forming Dwarf Galaxies. 2005.
191. Marius Dumitru. Compositionality, the Language of Thought, and the Dynamic Map of Thought. 2005.
192. I. Georgescu. Rational choice and revealed preference: a fuzzy approach. 2005.
193. Florin Radu. Fundamental Aspects of Exchange Bias Effect. 2005.
194. Vlad Cojocaru. Molecular motions at the 5' stem-loop of U4 snRNA: Implications for U4/U6 snRNP assembly. 2005.
195. Alexandru Bogdan Duca. Biserica Ortodoxa romana si clasa politica in postcomunism. Un approach teologico-politic. 2005.
196. Alexandru Rap. Inverse contaminant fluid flow problems using boundary element methods. 2005.
197. Milac A. . Knowledge-based analysis of protein structures and their complexes. Applications towards interaction with carbohydrates. 2004.
198. A. Gozar. Inelastic Light Scattering from Low Dimensional Quantum Spin Systems. 2004.
199. Alexandru I. Petrisor. Geostatistical approaches to microbial image quantification and classification. 2004.
200. Secuianu, C. . High-pressure vapor-liquid equilibria in the binary systems carbon dioxide + monohydroxilic alcohols. 2004.
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