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121. Simona Dzitac. Metoda Monte Carlo aplicata in analizele de fiabilitate ale echipamentelor si sistemelor electrice (Master' s thesis). 2007.
122. Constantin, L. Malpraxisul actului socio-medical. 2007.
123. Dron, Paul Ionut. Cyclopyridinophanes, molecular captors. Synthesis, structure and electrical properties. 2007.
124. Bogdan Rusu. Le systè me catégoriel de Whitehead. 2007.
125. D. Moraru (supervisor: Prof. M. Tabe). PhD thesis: Manipulation of electron tunneling in vertical and horizontal silicon nanostructures. 2007.
126. O. Toma. Procese de conversie superioara in solide dopate cu ioni de pamanturi rare. 2007.
127. Nita DA. Incessant transitions between active and silent states in cortico-thalamic circuits and altered neuronal excitability lead to epilepsy. 2007.
128. Dr Adrian LOBONTIU and Professor Daniel LOISANCE. Nouvelle technique innovante de chirurgie sans incisions. 2007.
129. Mihai Patrascu. Computational Geometry through the Information Lens. 2007.
130. Stefania Marin. Vowel to vowel coordination, diphthongs and Articulatory Phonology. 2007.
131. Florina Dumitru. Sisteme dinamice pe baza de liganzi polidentati. Amplificare constitutionala in biblioteci combinatoriale dinamice de bis(imino)piridine. 2007.
132. Anca Gheorghiu. Similaritati ale unor procese de dezvoltare economica si procese fizice. 2007.
133. Alexandru Enesca. Noi materiale nanostructurate pentru tehnologia hidrogenului. 2007.
134. Victor Timotin. Situatia structurilor turistice existente in viitorul Parc National Fagaras. 2007.
135. Brezoi, DV. Materiale magnetice nanocompozite pe baza de oxizi de fier. 2007.
136. Stanescu Manu Minodora. Ecological researches of mites populations (Acari: Mesostigmata) from soil of some forestry ecosystems from Bucegi massif. 2007.
137. Cristian Voicu. Electrophysiology of brain motor circuits in animal models of Parkinson’s disease. 2007.
138. Cristina Albu. The Site-Specific Installations of Andy-Goldsworthy and Olafur Eliasson: Environmental Problematics and Relational Aesthetics. 2007.
139. Castravete, S. C. . Nonlinear flutter of a cantilever wing including the influence of structure uncertainties. 2007.
140. Camelia Minoiu. Essays on Poverty, Aid, and Development. 2007.
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