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281. Ali, S., Ed C Hathorne, Martin Frank, Daniel Gebregiorgis, Karl Stattegger, Roland Stumpf, Steffen Kutterolf, Joel E Johnson, Liviu Giosan. South Asian monsoon history over the past 60 kyr recorded by radiogenic isotopes and clay mineral assemblages in the Andaman Sea. Geochemistry, Geophysics, Geosystems, online ahead of print, 2015.
282. Ana Csuma, Romeo T. Cristina*, Eugenia Dumitrescu, Florin Muselin, Ersilia C. Alexa, Monica Butnariu, Iosif Gergen. Application of QuEChERS - High Performance Liquid Chromatography with Postcolumn Fluorescence Derivatization (HPLC-FLD) method to analyze Eprinomectin B1a residues from a pour-on conditioning in bovine edible tissues. Open Chemistry, 13(1), pp. 769-779, 2015.
283. Gabriel Istrate. Reachability and Recurrence in a Modular Generalization of Annihilating Random Walks (and lights-out games) to hypergraphs. Theoretical Computer Science , 580, pp. 83-93, 2015.
284. Cretoiu SM, Radu BM, Banciu A, Banciu DD, Cretoiu D, Ceafalan LC, Popescu LM. . Isolated human uterine telocytes: immunocytochemistry and electrophysiology of T-type calcium channels. . Histochem Cell Biol, 143(1), pp. 83-94, 2015.
285. Diana Barbu. Eastern Mysticism and Western Scholastics in Glass Painting Iconography. In . 2015.
286. M. Merca. A connection between Jacobi-Stirling numbers and Bernoulli polynomials. Journal of Number Theory, 151, pp. 223-229, 2015.
287. Marius-F. Danca. Lyapunov exponents of a class of piecewise continuous systems of fractional order. Nonlinear Dynamics, accepted, 2015.
288. Bercea M., Wolf B. A. . Dependence of solvent quality on the composition of copolymers: Experiment and theory for solutions of P(MMA-ran-t-BMA) in toluene and chloroform. Soft Matter, 11 (3), pp. 615-621, 2015.
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294. Cristinel Mortici. Estimates of the function and quotient by Minc-Sathre. Applied Mathematics and Computation, 253, pp. 52-60, 2015.
295. Gabriel Istrate. Identifying almost-sorted permutations from TCP buffer dynamics. Scientific Annals of Computer Science (special issue dedicated to professor Sergiu Rudeanu' s 80th birthday), XXV (1), pp. 133-154, 2015.
296. Tang C, Ahmed K, Gille A, Lu S, Gröne HJ, Tunaru S, Offermanns S. Loss of FFA2 and FFA3 increases insulin secretion and improves glucose tolerance in type 2 diabetes. . Nature Medicine, Jan 12, 2015.
297. Ovidiu Csillik, Ian. S. Evans, Lucian Dragut. Transformation (normalization) of slope gradient and surface curvatures, automated for statistical analyses from DEMs. Geomorphology, 232, pp. 65-77, 2015.
298. Cristina, Romeo Teodor; Dumitrescu, Eugenia; Pentea, Marius Cristian; Stancu, Adrian Constantin; Muselin, Florin. Albendazole Sensitive vs. Resistant Nematodes – The Mitochondrial Ultra-Structural Changes. Istanbul Üniversitesi Veteriner Fakültesi Dergisi / Journal of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine Istanbul University, 41(1), pp. 43-49, 2015.
299. Muselin, Florin; Dumitrescu, Eugenia; Cristina, Romeo Teodor; Doma, Alexandru; Trif, Alexandra . Protective Effect of Melatonin on Aluminum Accumulation in Some Organs of Rats. Istanbul Üniversitesi Veteriner Fakültesi Dergisi / Journal of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine Istanbul University, 41(1), pp. 26-30, 2015.
300. Gabriel Balmus, Natasha A Karp, Bee Ling Ng, Stephen P Jackson, David J Adams, Rebecca E McIntyre. A high-throughput in vivo micronucleus assay for genome instability screening in mice. Nature Protocols, 10(1), pp. 205-215, 2015.
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