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21. Lorin, D.; Cristina, R. T.; Teusdea, V.; Mitranescu, E.; Muselin, F ; Butnariu, M.; David, G.; Dumitrescu, E. . Efficiency of four currently used decontamination conditionings in Romania against Aspergillus and Candida strains. Journal de Mycologie Medicale, 27(3), pp. 357-363, 2017.
22. Lorin, Daniela; Teusdea, Valer; Mitranescu, Elena; Danes, Mihai; Stef, Lavinia ; Mosneang, Crina Laura; Cristina, Romeo Teodor. The mycobiota composition in eight Romanian representative poultry and swine farms. Romanian Biotechnological Letters, 22(5), pp. 12961-1297, 2017.
23. Stef, Ducu-Sandu; Gergen, Iosif; Trasca, Teodor-Ioan; Rivis, Adrian; Stef, Lavinia; Cristina, Romeo Teodor; Druga, Marioara; Pet, Ioan. Assessing the influence of various factors on antioxidant activity of medicinal herbs. Romanian Biotechnological Letters, 22(4), pp. 12842-1284, 2017.
24. Lorin, Daniela; Teusdea, Valer; Mitranescu, Elena; Muselin, Florin; Dumitrescu, Eugenia; Stancu, Adrian; Militaru, Dumitru; Cristina, Romeo Teodor. The Hazardous Activity of Yeasts Embedded in Biofilm and Planktonic Estimated Through the Effectiveness of four Commonly Used Biocidal Conditionings. Materiale Plastice, 54(2), pp. 239-243, 2017.
25. Stancu, Adrian; Ghise, Alina; (Pentea, Marius; Velimirovici, Dana Emilia; Pasca, Sorin; Carpinisan, Liliana; Cristina, Romeo Teodor. Hematoxylin - eosin- Staining in a Dog Polyarteritys Nodosa. Materiale Plastice, 54(2), pp. 302-303, 2017.
26. Baicus C, Delcea C, Dima A, Oprisan E, Jurcut C, Dan GA. Influence of decision aids on oral anticoagulant prescribing among physicians: a randomised trial. Eur J Cl; in Invest, 47 (9), pp. 649-58, 2017.
27. Dominique Arrouays, Johan G. B. Leenaars, .. ., Ruxandra Vintila et al. Soil legacy data rescue via GlobalSoilMap and other international and national initiatives. GeoResJ, 14, pp. 1-19, 2017.
28. Ancuta Cristina Raclariu, Ramona Paltinean, Laurian Vlase, Aurélie Labarre, Vincent Manzanilla, Mihael Cristin Ichim, Gianina Crisan, Anne Krag Brysting & Hugo de Boer. Comparative authentication of Hypericum perforatum herbal products using DNA metabarcoding, TLC and HPLC-MS. Scientific Reports, Nature, 7, Article number: 1291, 2017.
29. Vasilescu, C., Drob, S. I., Osiceanu, P., (.. . ), Demetrescu I, Popovici, I. A., Vasilescu, E. Microstructure, Surface Characterization, and Electrochemical Behavior of New Ti-Zr-Ta-Ag Alloy in Simulated Human Electrolyte . , Metallurgical and Materials Transactions A: Physical Metallurgy and Materials Science, 48 (1), pp. 513-523, 2017.
30. Ionita, D., Bajenaru-Georgescu, D., Totea, G., (.. . ), Schmuki, P., Demetrescu, I. Activity of vancomycin release from bioinspired coatings of hydroxyapatite or TiO2 nanotubes . International Journal of Pharmaceutics, 517 (1-2), pp. 296-302, 2017.
31. Romeo Teodor Cristina, Hanganu Flavia, Romeu Lazar, Adriana Constantin, Camelia Tulcan, Doru Morar, Ducu S. Stef, Hutu Ioan. . Prevalence of steroid hormone residues by GC-MS/MS screening in animal matrices in Romania. Romanian Biotechnological Letters , 22(1), pp. 12555-1256, 2017.
32. Constantin Chiurciu, Viorica Chiurciu, Mariana Oporanu, Ionel Victor Patrascu, Iuliana Mihai, Madalina Tablica, Romeo Teodor Cristina*. PC2 Ovotransferrin: Characterization and Alternative Immunotherapeutic Activity. Evidence-Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine, 2017, p. 11 pages, 2017.
33. E. Georgescu, A. Nicolescu, F. Georgescu, S. Shova, B. C. Simionescu, C. Deleanu . Contributions to synthesis of pyrrolo[1, 2-a]benzimidazole derivatives via 1, 3-dipolar cycloaddition reactions. " . Rev. Roum. Chim., , 61(4-5), pp. 283-290, 2016.
34. E. Georgescu, A. Nicolescu, F. Georgescu, F. Teodorescu, S. Shova, A. T. Marinoiu, F. Dumitrascu, C. Deleanu . Fine tuning the outcome of 1, 3-dipolar cycloaddition reactions of benzimidazolium ylides to activated alkynes. Tetrahedron, 72 (19), pp. 2507-2520, 2016.
35. Mihai Oane, Rares Victor Medianu and Anca Buca. A Parallel between Laser Irradiation and Relativistic Electrons Irradiation of Solids, Radiation Effects in Materials. 2016.
36. Orsolya Horber, Karoly Zilahi. Ethical aspects of infectious disease in family medicine practice. Measless and rubella outbreak 2011-2012 in Romania. 21 th WONCA World Conference of Family Doctors, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 2016.
37. M Balas; S Constanda; A Duma (Voiculet); M Prodana; A Hermenean, Sevinci Pop, I Demetrescu; A Dinischiotu . Fabrication and toxicity characterization of hybrid material based on oxidized and aminated MWCNT loaded with carboplatin . Toxicology in vitro, 37, p. 189–200, 2016.
38. Andrei, M., Galateanu, B., Hudita, A., (.. . ), Drob, S. I., Demetrescu. Electro -chemical comparison and biological performance of a new CoCrNbMoZr alloy with commercial CoCrMo alloy . Mater Sci. and Eng. C , 59, pp. 346-355, 2016.
39. Drob, S. I., Vasilescu, C., Andrei, M., (.. . ), Demetrescu, I., Vasilescu, . Micro-structural, mechanical and anticorrosion characterisation of new CoCrNbMoZr alloy 2016 . Materials and Corrosion, 67, pp. 739-747 , 2016.
40. B. Galateanu, F. Golgovici, A. Hudita, M. Stan, . Dinescu, M. Costache, I. Demetrescu, A. Popescu. B. Galateanu, F. Golgovici, A. Hudita, M. Stan, . Dinescu, M. Costache, I. Demetrescu, A. Popescu About electrochemical stability and biocompatibility of two types of CoCr commercial dental alloys . Materials. and Corrosion, 67, p. 1096–1104, 2016.
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