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21. Florin MUSELIN, Romeo Teodor CRISTINA*, Violeta IGNA, Eugenia DUMITRESCU, Diana BREZOVAN, Alexandra TRIF. The consequences of aluminium intake on reproductive function in male rats: a three-generation study. Turkish Journal of Medical Sciences, 46, pp. 1240-1248, 2016.
22. C. L. Mosneang, I. Oprescu, E. Dumitrescu, F. Muselin, G. F. Borlea, G. David, and R. T. Cristina*. Soil eco-risk assessment using a simple earthworm (Eisenia fetida) qualitative avoidance test: A Romanian case study of five swine farm surroundings. Journal of Soil and Water Conservation, 71, pp. 414-419, 2016.
23. R. Cristescu, A. Visan, G. Socol, A. V. Surdu, A. E. Oprea, A. M. Grumezescu, M. C. Chifiriuc, R. D. Boehm, D. Yamaleyeva, M. Taylor, R. J. Narayan, and D. B. Chrisey. Antimicrobial Activity of Biopolymeric Thin Films Containing Flavonoid Natural Compounds and Silver Nanoparticles Fabricated by MAPLE: A Comparative Study. Applied Surface Science, 374, pp. 290-296, 2016.
24. AURELIAN UDRISTIOIU. Event Abstract Back to Event Role of P53 gene in oncogenenesis of Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia. In Clinical Neuroscience: Clinical Neuroscience for Optimization of Human Function. doi: 10. 3389/conf. fneur. 2016. 59. 00101, Abstracts ISCN 2016 , p. 2. Frontiers, 2016.
25. Ioan-Marcel Ciurus. Optocuplor polaroid. Patent RO 125739 B1, 2016.
26. Craciunescu E., Sinescu C. *, Negrutiu M. L., Pop D. M., Lauer H. -C., Rominu M., Hutiu Gh., Bunoiu M., Duma V. -F. *, and Antoniac I. . Shear Bond Strength Tests of Zirconia Veneering Ceramics after Chipping Repair. J of Adhesion Science and Technology , 30(6), pp. 666-676, 2016.
27. Cearreta, A., Xavier Benito, Carles Ibez, Rosa Trobajo, and Liviu Giosan . Holocene palaeoenvironmental evolution of the Ebro Delta (Western Mediterranean Sea): Evidence for an early construction based on the benthic foraminiferal record. The Holocene, online ahead of print, p. in press, 2016.
28. Nienhuis, J. H., A. D. Ashton, W. Nardin, S. Fagherazzi, and L. Giosan. Alongshore sediment bypassing as a control on river mouth morphodynamics. Journal of Geophysical Research - Earth Surface, 121, p. in press, 2016.
29. Mariusz Galka, Ioan Tantau, Vasile Ersek, Angelica Feurdean. A 9000 year record of cyclic vegetation changes identified in a montane peatland deposit located in the Eastern Carpathians . Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology, 449, pp. 52-61, 2016.
30. Marius-F. Danca, Joydev Chattopadhyay. Chaos control of Hastings-Powell model by combining chaotic motions. CHAOS, accepted, 2016.
31. E. Feldbacher, M. Paun, W. Reckendorfer, M. Sidoroff, A. Stanica, B. Strimbu, I. Tusa, V. Vulturescu, T. Hein. Twenty years of research on water management issues in the Danube Macro-region past developments and future direction. Science of The Total Environment, 1, 2016.
32. MARIUS PENTEA, CALIN HULEA, ADRIAN STANCU, MONICA BUTNARIU, ROMEO TEODOR CRISTINA. Developing the Plastination Laboratory for the Technique S10. Materiale Plastice, 53, pp. 150-152, 2016.
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35. Balogh, Csaba. Inverted Fates and Inverted Texts. Rationales of Reinterpretation in the Compositional History of the Isaianic Prophecies, with Special Emphasis on Isaiah 10, 16-19 and Its Context. Zeitschrift fr die alttestamentliche Wissenschaft, 128, pp. 64-82, 2016.
36. Sorin Ionut Dascalu, Madalina Gothard, Roxana Bojariu, Marius-Victor Birsan, Roxana Cica, Ruxandra Vintila, Mary-Jeanne Adler, Viorel Chendes, Rodica-Paula Mic . Drought-related variables over the Barlad basin (Eastern Romania) under climate change scenarios. Catena, 141, pp. 92-99, 2016.
37. Gabor, AE; Davidescu, CM; Negrea, A; Ciopec, M; Butnariu, M; Ianasi, C; Muntean, C; Negrea, P. Lanthanum Separation from Aqueous Solutions Using Magnesium Silicate Functionalized with Tetrabutylammonium Dihydrogen Phosphate. JOURNAL OF CHEMICAL AND ENGINEERING DATA, Volume: 61 Issue: 1, pp. 535-542, 2016.
38. M. Merca. Fast computation of the partition function. Journal of Number Theory, 164, pp. 405-416, 2016.
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40. Valeanu, M; Sofronie, M; Galca, AC; Tolea, F; Elisa, M; Sava, B; Boroica, L; Kuncser, V. The relationship between magnetism and magneto-optical effects in rare earth doped aluminophosphate glasses. JOURNAL OF PHYSICS D-APPLIED PHYSICS, 49, p. 075001, 2016.
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