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1. Aurelian Udristioiu. Diagnostic characterisation of rare diseases H2020-SC1-2016-2017 Project participant ; 2016-04-13; 2016-02-26 . 2016.
2. Ionescu Felicia Stela. Elemente aplicate de pragmatica lingvistica si de analiza automata a discursului didactic. 2014.
3. Irina Rotaru. Wealth Between Heritage, Culture and Innovation. Collaborative Forms of Urban Governance as a Solution for the Creative Valorisation of the European Cities. 2014.
4. Florin-Constantin Mihai. Territorial disparities in municipal waste management . Case study: Neamt County (Romania). 2013.
5. Viorel Robert Barbu. The Idea of Creation in the Cappadocian Fathers and in the Philosophy of Greek Antiquity. 2013.
6. Alin Suciu. Apocryphon Berolinense/Argentoratense (Previously Known as the Gospel of the Savior). Reedition of P. Berol. 22220, Strasbourg Copte 5-7 and Qasr el-Wizz Codex ff. 12v-17r with Introduction and Commentary. 2013.
7. Ardelean, Florina. Clasificarea semi-automata a unor forme de relief pentru cartarea geomorfologica. Studiu de caz Muntii Tarcu. 2013.
8. Diana Iuliana Barbu. " The Theology of icon - the Hesychasm Influence on the Church Painting" . 2013.
9. Diana Barbu (coordonator Pr. Prof. Dumitru Radu). Teologia icoanei - Influenta isihasmului in pictura bisericeasca din Tara Romaneasca (The Theology of icon - the Hesychasm influence on the Church painting on Tara Romaneasca). 2013.
10. Diana Barbu, (coordonator Adrian Silvan Ionescu - cercetator stiintific I). Pictura pe sticla - intre sacru si profan. 2013.
11. Rezlescu, C. . Social perception of faces: Neuropsychological and behavioural investigations. 2013.
12. Adrian Arghiropol. Contribution to direct reaction engines performances increase with heat transfer optimization. 2012.
13. Vasile, B. (2012). Catégorisation cognitive et stéréotypie dans la production du langage chez les patients schizophrè nes: contributions psycholinguistiques. 2012.
14. Delia Alexandra Gheorghe . Electrophysiological Correlates of Explicit Procesing in an Indirect Memory Task. 2012.
15. Agotici Vlad. Contributions to gas chromatographic analysis of volatile organic pollutants. 2012.
16. Monica David, Scientific Coordonator: Academician Nicolae N. Saulescu . Ways of genetic progress in improving winter wheat performance under drought. 2012.
17. Lucian Daniel Stanciu-Viziteu. The influence of investor biases on the formation of price in financial markets. 2012.
18. Catalin Hritcu. Union, Intersection, and Re nement Types and Reasoning About Type Disjointness for Security Protocol Analysis. 2012.
19. Laura Mihai. Contributions to the radiative effects of the atmospheric aerosols. 2012.
20. A. Scorbureanu. Discrete choice models applied to travel demand analysis: Focus on risk and heterogeneity. 2012.
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