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The Ad Astra Awards — Information for candidates and promoters

Ad Astra awards a maximum of 24 awards to researchers with outstanding scientific results. Of these, a maximum of 12 are awarded to researchers who are affiliated with a Romanian institution, and a maximum of 12 to researchers who have/had Romanian citizenship and are affiliated with an institution abroad. The monetary value of these awards is set by Ad Astra.

Unlike scientific distinctions offering recognition for a long period of activity, the Ad Astra Awards highlight only outstanding scientific results achieved by the candidates in the last five years. These results must have an international impact and must be published in prestigious journals or publishing houses.

There are two main categories for the awards:

  • Excellence in Research (ER)
  • Excellence in Research for doctoral students (ERD).

The Ad Astra Awards cover six scientific fields:

  • Physical and Chemical Sciences (PCS),
  • Life Sciences (LS),
  • Earth and Space Sciences (ESS),
  • Engineering Sciences (ES),
  • Mathematics and Computer Science (MCS),
  • Social Sciences and Humanities (SSH).

The Ad Astra Awards for Excellence in Research for doctoral students (ERD) are granted only to current PhD students or to those who have completed their doctorate in the last two years preceding the nomination. Candidates eligible for these awards are maximum 35 years old.

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