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Ad Astra
Young Romanian Scientists' Journal
Volume 3, Issue 2, 2004

The migration of Romanian scientists

Migratia cercetatorilor romani: Situatia actuala, cauze, solutii
Razvan Florian (in Romanian)

Conditia cercetatorului: Intre realitatea de acasa si idealul de afara
Sebastian Buhai (in Romanian)

Zece cai de a atrage cercetatorii romani spre Romania
Stefan Szedlacsek (in Romanian)


Ai castigat? Continua! Ai pierdut? Continua cu perseverenta!
An interview with Mihail D. Bărboiu, laureate of the European Young Investigator Awards (in Romanian)

Mathematical truth is to be discovered, not created
An interview with Tudor S. Ratiu

Industry or academia, where to go?
An interview with Ralf Hiptmair


A vorbi despre cercetare în România e ca si cum ai predica în desert
Liviu Jalba (in Romanian)

Mathematics and society

Despre statutul cultural al matematicii
Liviu P. Dinu (in Romanian)

Studiul stiintelor exacte si efectul de perspectiva
Radu Slobodeanu (in Romanian)


Editors in charge of this issue: Liviu Ornea, Razvan Florian

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