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Ad Astra
Young Romanian Scientists' Journal
Volume 2, Issue 2, 2003

This issue comprises papers presented a the workshop "Romanian integration in the European Research Area", New Europe College, October 25-26, 2002. The articles are in PDF format; some of the articles are in French.


Summary: Between hopes and risks
Thea Ionescu, Razvan Florian, Liviu Giosan

Le Centre de Recherche "Fondements de la Modernité Européenne": Création, objectifs, perspectives
Vlad Alexandrescu

Research and development - A priority for the High Technical Schools
Gheorghe Atanasiu

Are ERA enlargement and extension real?
Vlad Avrigeanu

Research and integration
Madeea Axinciuc

Integration - an option for the survival of research and researchers in Romania
Roxana Bojariu

Défense de la recherche fondamentale en sciences de la littérature: Le cas des programmes roumains de troisième cycle
Ioana Both

Educational and research co-operation in the field of architectural theory, history and heritage
Anca Bratuleanu

Scientific research in Romania and international partnership: Necessity, challenges and difficulties ahead
Nicolae Constantin

Economics education in Romania - A few thoughts
Daniel Daianu

Scoala Normala Superioara Bucharest (SNSB): A necessary institution for the Romanian academic system
Nicusor Dan

Aligning the Romanian and European standards of excellence
Maria-Luiza Flonta

La géographie humaine entre deux mondes ou les réseaux scientifiques entre officiel et officieux
Octavian Groza

The integration of the Romanian space activities in the European Research Area
Dumitru Hasegan

Organizational studies in Romania and the FP6 priority: "Citizens and governance in a knowledge-based society"
Carmen Aida Hutu

Comment s'orienter dans la philosophie? Quelques points sur l'état actuel de la philosophie roumaine
Ciprian Mihali

Le système de la recherche en Roumanie et les structures alternatives (histoire, sciences sociales): Comment définir les partenaires ?
Radu G. Paun

La coopération scientifique en histoire
Zoe Petre

Change of science policy: A condition for European integration of Romanian medical research
Cristina Vidulescu


Editors who contributed to this issue: Dorin Toader, Liviu Ornea

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The Ad Astra journal is edited by the Ad Astra association. The copyright of the papers belongs to their authors.

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