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Cerbul cu stea în frunte

Nu-l mișcă știutele
crânguri cu ciutele.
Cărarea cu urmele
iezerul, umbrele
nu-l cheamă. Copitele
sfarâmă ispitele.

Prin ceață când lunecă
zări el adulmecă,
nu apropiatele,
ci depărtatele.

Ciulindu-și urechile
prinde străvechile
rotiri, sus, de tulbure
foc și de murmure.

Și-aude, subt 'naltele,
unele, altele,
erele, sferele.

( L. Blaga)

The deer with a star on its forehead

Corina Vasile


Research needs men and women who know what it means to renounce to many normal things, to be patient and hope in something. Research means also a lot of men and women working for maybe many years for their aims. The more they are, the more possibilities of progress a nation has. Nobody knows a priori the result of this hard work. Research further means respect, no hurry, no psychological pressure on those who do it. In Romania governments (past, actual) and institutions do not care much for research. In Romania men and women did renounce for a long time to many things, including hope. Today, they no longer want to renounce to many normal things, to be patient. They also like to know a priori the results of years of hard work. They hurry. Research does not. They want. Research claims. Research also needs charismatic individuals to coagulate. In Romania they do not co-operate for a common aim. They are individualistic. Research is not. They love to simplify value scales. They love Earth, not the sky. Research is challenge. Somehow research is the sky. I surely am not a "deer with a star on his forehead" like real researchers are, but I still have my "head in the sky ". That's why I was not, and cannot be a researcher in Romania.

Ad Astra • Volume 2, Issue 1, 2003 • Viewpoint
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