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Ad Astra
Young Romanian Scientists' Journal
Volume 2, Issue 1, 2003


To be, or not to be … a researcher in Romania?
Tudor I. Oprea

Why would I return to Romania to be a scientist?
Dan Pantos

What if we were to return to Romania?
Serban D. Costa

The pros and cons of practicing scientific research in Romania
Paula Zimbrean

Staying or going - the perspective of a senior graduate student
Cornelia I. Blaga

Why doing research in Romania is a brilliant idea
Sergiu Moroianu

Making science in post-communist Romania?
Vlad Avrigeanu

Research in Natural Sciences - a Romanian perspective
Speranta Avram

The deer with a star on his forehead
Corina Vasile

Stories about research in Romania
Mirel Bīrlan (in Romanian)


The state of research in Romania: I. The PhD studies
(in Romanian)

From outside

Open letter on PhD studies in Romania
Sanda Clejan

Perspectives & concepts

Industrial Affiliate Programs: A win-win deal between industry and academia
Ioan Vlad

On the Future of "Global Television": An economic and historical approach to understanding the basics and trajectory of world television
Flavius Stan


Editor in charge of this issue: Tudor Oprea

Ad Astra Journal is seeking contributions for its coming issues. Present your research and put your expertise to work by presenting ideas and plans on the reform of science and education in Romania!

Suggestions from readers for topics and authors are welcomed. Feel free to advertise Ad Astra to friends, colleagues, at conferences.

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The Ad Astra journal is edited by the Ad Astra association. The copyright of the papers belongs to their authors.

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