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Ad Astra
Young Romanian Scientists' Journal
Volume 1, Issue 1, 2002

Per aspera ad astra
Liviu Giosan & the editorial board
Science news
  Towards nanoelectronics
Adrian Leuciuc
  Bouillon de science
Metropolis & diaspora

Observing Romanian research
Tudor I. Oprea

  International migrations of highly-qualified Romanian professionals
Mihaela F. Nedelcu
Perspectives & concepts
  Cognitive science in Romania?
Razvan Florian

Gene targeting technologies
Octavian Voiculescu

  Interview with Basarab Nicolescu
  "Ecole Normale Supérieure" in Romania?
A dialogue with Andrei Moroianu (project manager)
  Brains abroad
Book reviews
  "Unweaving the Rainbow": good poetic science
Zoltán Sylvester


Editor in charge of this issue: Liviu Giosan

Ad Astra Journal is seeking contributions for its coming issues. Present your research and put your expertise to work by presenting ideas and plans on the reform of science and education in Romania!

Suggestions from readers for topics and authors are welcomed. Feel free to advertise Ad Astra to friends, colleagues, at conferences.

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The Ad Astra journal is edited by the Ad Astra association. The copyright of the papers belongs to their authors.

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