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Voluntary contributions
Voluntary contributions of $10 or higher will be welcomed. A list with named or anonymous contributions will be made public every year. Money collected will go toward establishing a proposal-based system of annual awards for undergraduate research in Romania. Your small contribution will go a long way!

Become an Ad Astra sponsor! Help rebuild Romanian science by providing for a means of communication between Romanian scientists and the world of science! Become a benefactor of undergraduate research and education in Romania!

Join us
You may become a member of Ad Astra association. Join our team!

Call for papers
Ad Astra Journal is seeking contributions for its coming issues. Present your science and put your expertise to work by presenting ideas and plans on the reform of science and education in Romania! Manuscript submission instructions are provided. Suggestions from readers for topics and authors are welcomed.

Link to us!
Link to us on your web pages! The address of Ad Astra is , and the address of the Ad Astra journal is . You may use for this purpose our logo, that you may get from here, in Romanian or English.

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